Hot Tub Accessories You Should Buy

Hot Tub Accessories You Should Buy

Owning a hot tub is a fantastic way to relax and enjoy some quality time, but the experience can be even more enjoyable with the right accessories. From enhancing comfort to ensuring proper maintenance, the right accessories can make a big difference. Here’s a list of essential hot tub accessories you should consider buying to enhance your spa experience.

1. Hot Tub Cover

Importance: A high-quality cover is crucial for maintaining your hot tub. It keeps debris out, retains heat, and ensures safety by preventing unsupervised access.

Features to Look For:

  • Insulation: Look for covers with thick insulation to help retain heat.
  • Durability: Choose covers made from weather-resistant materials to withstand the elements.
  • Locking Mechanism: For added safety, select a cover with a locking mechanism to keep children and pets safe.

2. Cover Lifter

Convenience: A cover lifter makes it easy to remove and replace the hot tub cover, saving you effort and preventing damage to the cover.


  • Manual Lifters: Simple and cost-effective, these require some effort but are easy to install.
  • Hydraulic Lifters: These use hydraulic arms to assist in lifting, making the process nearly effortless.

3. Steps

Safety and Accessibility: Steps provide a safe and easy way to get in and out of your hot tub. They are especially important if your hot tub is elevated.

Features to Consider:

  • Non-Slip Surface: Ensure the steps have a non-slip surface to prevent accidents.
  • Storage Steps: Some steps come with built-in storage compartments for accessories.

4. Handrails

Safety: Handrails offer additional support and safety, particularly for elderly users or those with mobility issues.

Installation: Choose handrails that are easy to install and made from durable, weather-resistant materials.

5. Floating Drink Holders and Trays

Convenience: Keep your beverages and snacks close at hand with floating drink holders and trays designed for hot tub use.


  • Stable Design: Look for holders and trays that are stable and won’t tip over easily.
  • Multi-Compartment: Some trays come with compartments for various items, including snacks, drinks, and even waterproof speakers.

6. Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers

Entertainment: Enhance your hot tub experience with music or podcasts. Waterproof Bluetooth speakers are perfect for creating the right ambiance.


  • Waterproof Rating: Ensure the speakers are fully waterproof and not just water-resistant.
  • Battery Life: Choose speakers with a long battery life to avoid frequent recharging.

7. Aromatherapy Scents

Relaxation: Aromatherapy can enhance the therapeutic benefits of your hot tub. Specially designed spa scents dissolve in the water without affecting the chemistry.


  • Liquid Scents: Easy to mix into the water and available in various fragrances.
  • Aromatherapy Beads: Dissolve slowly, releasing fragrance over time.

8. Towel Warmer

Luxury: A towel warmer adds a touch of luxury, providing you with a warm towel after your soak.


  • Bucket Warmers: Compact and portable, these can be moved to any location.
  • Wall-Mounted Warmers: Fixed installations that offer a larger capacity and more consistent heating.

9. Hot Tub Vacuum

Maintenance: Keep your hot tub clean and free from debris with a specialized hot tub vacuum.


  • Manual Vacuums: Simple and cost-effective, these require manual operation.
  • Battery-Powered Vacuums: More convenient, these vacuums operate with battery power, making cleaning easier.

10. LED Lighting

Ambiance: LED lighting can transform your hot tub into a stunning visual feature, perfect for evening soaks.


  • Underwater Lights: Install these for a dramatic effect.
  • Floating Lights: Easy to use and can be placed anywhere in the water.

11. Thermal Blanket

Energy Efficiency: A thermal blanket floats on the surface of the water, helping to retain heat and reduce energy costs.


  • Heat Retention: Significantly reduces heat loss.
  • Chemical Preservation: Helps maintain water chemistry by reducing evaporation.

12. Inflatable Pillows and Cushions

Comfort: Add extra comfort with inflatable pillows and cushions designed for hot tub use.


  • Waterproof: Ensure they are made from waterproof materials.
  • Adjustability: Some pillows are adjustable for optimal support.


Investing in the right hot tub accessories can greatly enhance your spa experience, making it more enjoyable, comfortable, and safe. Whether it’s through ensuring proper maintenance, adding safety features, or creating a luxurious ambiance, the right accessories make a significant difference. Explore the wide range of accessories available at Hot Tub Kart to find everything you need to take your hot tub experience to the next level. For personalized advice and recommendations, contact our expert team – we’re here to help you create the perfect hot tub oasis.

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